The Wayne’s World AMC Pacer Is Headed to Auction

The Wayne’s World AMC Pacer Is Headed to Auction

Fan of Wayne’s World? Ready for some totally amazing and most excellent news? The original AMC Pacer from the iconic 90’s flick is headed to auction in Las Vegas next week. Barrett-Jackson is handling the sale of Wayne and Garth’s wheels – Lot 68, if you’re so inclined – and while no reserve is set, it’s expected to fetch a solid price thanks to a full restoration.

The car is a 1976 AMC Pacer with an automatic transmission and a 258 cubic-inch 6-cylinder engine. The original exterior color was yellow, paired with a brown interior, but it received a baby blue hue inside and out before filming commenced.

Other additions included tow hooks welded to the subframe in the front, steel camera supports welded to the rocker panels, that iconic Super Ropes licorice dispenser drilled into the roof, speaker boxes in the rear, flame decals and mismatched wheels. Some bits were removed, including parts of the inner dash to make space for the cup dispenser, and the heater and air conditioner were also yanked out.

The Drive

During the restoration, all the bolted-on pieces were removed and the body was stripped down to the bare metal for a fresh coat of the original paint. The bumpers and wheels were treated to a re-chroming and all the interior panels and dashboard were refinished. Some new speakers were added, though there’s no amp to power them. The original stereo system is operational, per the write up, “ready for you to do your own rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’” All the original props are also included.

The Drive

Lastly, under the hood, the front end got a complete rebuild, including the steering rack. There’s a brand new exhaust, water pump, power steering pump, alternator, battery, and belts and hoses. All weatherstripping and moldings were replaced, along with the grille. Essentially, the new owner is getting a new AMC Pacer, only with killer provenance. Schwing!

The DriveThe DriveThe Drive

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