This Sleeper 911 Is Every Porsche Purist’s Nightmare

This Sleeper 911 Is Every Porsche Purist's Nightmare

Holy crap! Just sold my motor. Guess I’m committed now. It’s kinda scary, actually. Oh well. Here we go.

So reads the twelfth post of this insane build thread on Pelican Parts, which dates back to January 2012. The motor in question is Porsche’s iconic 3.2-liter flat-six; the owner’s forum username is “not_hans_stuck.” It’s an apt handle, considering he’s about to perform the ultimate in P-car sacrilege: Tear the air-cooled lump out of an old 911, and replace it with a water-cooled one. And not just any water-cooled engine, either. It’s a Chevy V-8. Like, from a Corvette. Pushrods and all.

The Drive

Here we go, indeed.

The finished product technically classifies as a 1986 Porsche Carrera SC, but it’s really something else entirely. The body’s converted to RSR spec, dressed in IROC-style livery. Flared fenders, 11-inch rear wheels, big brakes, custom Koni coilover suspension. Then there’s the aforementioned 5.7-liter LS1 small-block. Pulled from a “pro racer’s” C5 ‘Vette, it runs through a 915 transaxle and limited-slip diff. With some custom exhaust work, approximate output sits at 390 horsepower and 400 pound-feet. That’s a massive jump over the original 217 hp. According to the owner, the car’s only 12 pounds heavier than stock.

The car’s now up for sale on Bring a Trailer. The owner says over $50,000 went into the build; at the time of this writing, bidding stands at $19,900. If you’re into the burn-your-idols thing, or just a really big troll, there are five days left on the auction.

from The Drive – Vintage
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