Is This the World’s Happiest Car Dealership?

Monaco Legend Motors

Car dealerships, righty or wrongly, are known of sites of misery. At least, they are a place no one goes for pleasure. A car? Yes. Free watery coffee? Aplenty. The sense of being slowly but surely ripped off? Indeed. However, there’s one dealership in Monaco—where joy goes for the winter, and delight lives year ‘round—that doesn’t deserve all those grimy connotations. Monaco’s Legend Motors currently has for sale two Fiat Multipla Jollys, a Fiat 600 Transformable, and an Austin Mini Moke. All in all, that’s four diminutive, cute-as-a-button cars meant exclusively for beach-going. Besides classic favorites like the Citroen 2CV, Mini Cooper and BMW Isetta, the smattering of hilarious road-going golfcarts might be the world’s cutest cars. Together: The world’s cutest quartet. (Remember, One Direction has five members.)

1988 Mini Moke

The Drive

Mini originally built the Moke with off-road aspirations, then realized its low ground clearance and tiny wheels made it ill-suited for any terrain beyond a well-groomed beach. So, a beach buggy it became. This example bears a fairly serious black-and-white paint job and has had only one owner since new. Diamond-quilted leather was spec’ed inside—a touch of Bentley in a Mini buggy. It’ll run you £35,000 ($50,000).

1956 Fiat Multipla Vignale Spiaggia

The Drive

This gorgeous Multipla bears a custom Vignale body and a creamy, tri-tone paint scheme. Portholes and pin-striping underscore the little vehicle’s nautical vibes. This one has less than 12,000 miles on the odometer and is in mint condition. Price is on request, which sounds like six figures to us.

1961 Fiat Multipla Jolly by Ghia

The Drive

In Italian, “Jolly” means jokester. Fittingly, there are few things more giggle-inducing than a crème de menthe Fiat minivan convertible with a fringe-top. This rare piece was bodied by Ghia and has been completely restored despite what we imagine was a life of leisure. Hey, if it’s good enough for Seinfeld

1960 Fiat 600 Transformable

The Drive

Though a development of the cutesy 500, the 600 is certainly no behemoth. An odd central headlight and the removable canvas top make this a quirky way to get you a couple of light friends to the beach.

from The Drive – Vintage
from Tumblr

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