Sell Your House and Buy This Vintage Mercedes Combo

Vintage Mercedes Combo

Traveling cross-country with one’s own lodging—like a road-going turtle—doesn’t have to mean retrofitting a bus. Zach Bowman is doing it real elegant-like, with a sturdy Dodge pickup and custom-built camper installed over a custom-built bed. Alternatively, you could ditch that level of stout utility and mechanical robustness for a more graceful setup. Take this 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Coupe, complete with matching Austermann “Bud K” trailer, both painted in perfect Mercedes Light Blue. The pair is being sold in Germany after extensive restoration, during which the rare-in-its-own-right Austermann trailer was upholstered in terracotta leather. The ad notes that every piece of metal, leather, glass, and wood was meticulously revived, and received a “Grade 1” certification from… well, some certifying institution.

The 220SE coupe is typical for a Mercedes of the era. Which is to say: jewel-like in its interior, conservative outside, and on wonderful color-matched hubcaps. The trailer, conversely, hides a couple unexpected touches. Tile-mosaic backsplash? Check. Mahogany-rimmed card table? Indeed. Terracotta leather pillow that looks like a well-burnished elephant’s liver? Of course.

Given that the 220’s six-cylinder makes about 100 horsepower, we’d recommend bringing your leanest friends or family members along for the journey. But then, this is an aesthetics-first experience, so that’s who was invited, anyway.

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